Yu's consciousness completely

Published by: wangwangs1 on 29th Aug 2014 | View all blogs by wangwangs1
google.com 20,000 years of self-discipline, Hou fee, black the feather soul state all attain nine class demon emperor.On the capability, if not is inhibitting.Also want nine class demon emperor.Hou fee Za hit mouth to say:"This gets into nine class demon emperor, may meet absolute being to rob very much.Although the absolute being robs the day of arrival to hard to say.BE long is short.But for not too and early getting into absolute being boundary, we can inhibit capability."

The black feather also nods.The house of one side is blue and helpless to say:"You woolrich outlet two boy self- discipline the speed is so quick, I want to step to go into nine class earlier demon the emperor all don't go.Also Ju and have xia0829wu no falsely also yes, these year self - disciplines are too assiduous."

Hou fee, black feathers are all ashamed.The speed of the self-discipline of their 2 people lets the Ju and Ao also have no to falsely and greatly be subjected to stroke, cold of Ao without falsely don't say useless talk as well.Just standing alone[one] person madly calms down to fix.And also the Ju is to fix to connect hard.

"Is alas, slowly wait, don't know that the eldest brother when ends self-discipline."The Hou fee is helpless to say.The black feather smiled to smile:"These years there is also no how to accompany to work properly son and go along with to work properly son now, again education educate small Tong and any those two kids of woolrich parka Guo."

At present Qin Yu's consciousness completely sinks to immerse among them.Constantly the feeling Wu absorbs.He like an extremely hunger and thirst ground trip person, madly gobble up to absorb those'left autumn eyebrow'leave of feeling Wu.Qin Yu Di's body wears golden woolrich arctic parka light unclearly, even in connect the physique in the body to also have unclearly dark aureate light dizzy, this very obviously attains nine turn a dark gold body the sign of 9 F.



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