What kind of clan you want to have

Published by: abigailjim on 10th Aug 2013 | View all blogs by abigailjim
Do note, however, that if you die in the Wilderness now you will not have a gravestone to return to and your items will be up for grabs by anybody that happens to be around at the time, but they are usually random players or the person that PKed you. Consider your type of armour carefully, as some creatures in the Wilderness can use negative magic bonuses to give you high damage as a result of metal armour.When you died in game, when you need something for runescape,especially for RS Gold, we are providing best one now, you can buy cheap runescape gold from us right now. Go ahead!

If you don't see a clan you're interested in or you fancy the thought of being a leader, you can start your own Runescape clan. So how to make a good clan on Runescape.First of all, to make a good clan (pure) you would need a good combat level. For a pure you combat level should be level 55 to 80. No one would want to join if you're a low level; Then make sure you have at least 11,00000 GP.

It's important to be financially safe so make sure you have a surplus of money; Think about what kind of clan you want to have and the requirements. For example say you want to have a mage only clan. Your requirements might be to have at least level 60 combat and at least level 94 mage or something like that. Of course only mages can join though; Recruit members.



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