The World of Warcraft is virtual

Published by: sarahbulaiman on 24th Aug 2013 | View all blogs by sarahbulaiman
It is hard to present the feelings that real. After all, the World of Warcraft is virtual, but the movie is played by real person, and the scenes are real two. Both these can not bring us back to the memories in the game at all. What’s more, it would be a high cost movie, we can not sure whether the director has so many money in his World of Warcraft Gold.Of course, there are many people who have no ideas about it at all. Maybe it is just a normal movie, or maybe it could be a masterpiece just like the Lord of the Rings. No matter how do you think about it, why not tell us your ideas through voting for the option below.

We take the Blizzard as a friend who has been keeping us company for so many years. We are always interested in what new changes this friend will bring to us and we are very concerned about how long this friend can be with us in the future. Now, there comes the chance for you to get the answers. On April 25, the Blizzard would hold a Q&A conference that the main designers of this game would join together to answer the questions about the PVP, the quests, the contents and the battlefields. Whatever you want to know, they will give you a clear answer for it.

If you have the chance to ask them questions, what would you want to know most?I believe that many of the players would concern what changes would made to their professions in game most. As whether their role is awesome in or not determines much about whether they would like to stay in this game. Every one of us has really spent long time to make us to be as strong as we can. We have done so many quests to level up, we have practiced a lot in the dungeons to get better gears and mounts, we have tried all kinds of skill combinations to output higher damages, but we can not take the whole system under control, as how the system is set can always change the situation a lot.


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  • Clayton	Lachlan
    by Clayton Lachlan 7 months ago
    This game is one of my favorite to play. I remember I found out about this game from the assey writing site and ever since then, I haven't stopped playing this game.
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