The RuneScape Lobby brings together useful features

Published by: abigailjim on 9th Sep 2013 | View all blogs by abigailjim
The RuneScape Lobby brings together a number of useful features before you get into the game proper. The lobby has five sections accessed via the tabs at the top of the screen:Player info - shows where and when you last logged in, status of email registration, recovery question status, how many RS Gold from Jagex are in your Message Centre, how much credit you have left, and the message of the week.World select - this shows a list of all available worlds. This is more fully explained in Themed Worlds.Friends chat - shows your Friends List and Ignore List, and lets you chat to your friends before you log in. This is more fully explained in Friends Chat.Clan Chat - lets you log into a Clan Chat channel before heading into the game.

This is more fully explained in Clan Chat.Options - these are the display options, letting you set your display mode, screen size, and graphics and audio settings. This is more fully explained in Display Options.All tabs have the 'Click here to play' button and your favourite worlds for instant access. The Friends Chat and Clan Chat tabs both have the Report Abuse button, should you need it.When you log out of the game, you can choose to come back to the lobby, so will not need to re-enter your password when you click to play again. To fully log out of the game, click on the 'x' next to the lobby's Options tab.If you have logged into the game for the first time, you will be presented with an interface to create your character, as shown on the left:The interface presents a wide variety of outfit options for your character.

 Choose an outfit and it will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the interface; you can then 'Modify Further' to change character details like skin colour, hair, torso, legs, boots and facial hair. Later, you may pay some characters in-game to change your look. See the Makeover Guide to read about changing your look in-game.Once you have finished, you should click the 'Confirm' button. This will take you to an interface where you can choose the character name for your character: the name that all other players will see when you log into the game. Once you have a name that has not been taken by any other player, you can launch your character into the opening quest, Unstable Foundations, where some friendly and not-so-friendly citizens of RuneScape await you.After finished all above steps, you can start making Runescape Gold on your account, like you can choose to level woodcutting or Mining, which are easy to make gold on your account any way.



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