The guild advancement system will also open up

Published by: sarahbulaiman on 4th Sep 2013 | View all blogs by sarahbulaiman
The guild advancement system will also open up a whole new avenue for achievement seekers. Instead of Cheap WoW Gold to gain achievements simply for their own benefit, players can now work towards gaining guild based achievements that will not only reward them, but their entire guild upon completion. This should give an extra level of satisfaction to all involved.

While nothing is official yet, I would also dare to venture that with the expansion we may see a change to the achievement system as we know it, and perhaps even changes to how the system works. While I’m not sure exactly what changes will be made, if any at all, if they are made they will (hopefully) make the system better, and perhaps even offer extra incentives for players to complete them. This of course is all speculation and we will have to wait until it is released to see what Blizzard has in store.

So, while we wait make use of your time, and get out there and get that vanity pet you have always wanted, collect that awesome mount, or finish up that achievement you have been putting off before time runs out. In between killing mobs or questing join us on our forums to share your thoughts on what Cataclysm holds for the collectors among us.



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