Patch 5.4 hotfixes for September 12

Published by: sarahbulaiman on 16th Sep 2013 | View all blogs by sarahbulaiman
Another round of patch 5.4 hotfixes were released yesterday on the official blog. Along with the changes to Mogu Rune of World of Warcraft Gold and the addition of Shaohao reputation to one of the daily quests that we mentioned yesterday, there are plenty of other changes to be had. A few class tweaks, some fixes to the Siege of Orgrimmar raid, and one very, very welcome change to the flying denizens of the Timeless Isle.

    * On the Timeless Isle, Highwind Albatross already carrying players will no longer be interrrupted when attacked by other players. It will, however, still drop when attacked by the person hitching a ride in its beak.
    * Worgen and Alliance pandaren players should no longer be mistaken for Horde by Lorewalker Cho when completing the quest A Pandaren Legend.
    * The Flame-Scarred Cache of Offerings rewarded for killing Ordos now has a chance to award Flex Raid quality items, rather than LFR quality.



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