How To make hunting charm sprites generally

Published by: abigailjim on 6th Sep 2013 | View all blogs by abigailjim

It now only takes five charm slices to make a charm, rather than the original ten. The Hunter XP gained is increased too: it's now competitive with other Hunter training methods at that level, and earns you plenty of Summoning charms at the same time.We've also introduced mystical charm slices, which - if you're lucky - can drop in addition to the coloured charm slices you get RS Gold. These can be used in place of any coloured charm slice, so they're handy if you need a certain type to complete a charm.

To make hunting charm sprites generally friendlier, we've also made some usability tweaks: all the trees in the area are gone, so the shaking bushes containing the sprites are much easier to see; you can now store your Yaktwee stick, spirit lure and charm slices with Yaktwee himself; and your lures are more clearly visible.Finally, catch 1,000 charm sprites and speak to Yaktwee and you can upgrade your Yaktwee stick to confer Hunter-related benefits while wielded:+5% Hunter XP gain in any Hunter training activity (as long it allows you to wield the stick). This stacks with other such effects.An increased chance to uncover the rarer sprites while hunting charm sprites.Whether you've yet to discover charm sprites or want to revisit it to enjoy the added benefits, head on over to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

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