How do the graphical settings affect experience

Published by: abigailjim on 12th Aug 2013 | View all blogs by abigailjim

Your frames per second and general client performance may well be lower than with current live client. This will improve as the beta goes on, as our technical teams focus on optimising the client and getting it ready for RS Gold. As the beta progresses, you'll enjoy faster load times and smoother performance, so please bear with us. Thanks for your help in getting this exciting new technology ready for everyone!To help everyone get up and running first time, we've defaulted everyone's graphical options to the minimal settings, which will make things look similar to the current live client.

If you find the HTML5 client is performing well, we encourage you to increase your settings in the options menu.Please note that certain existing features didn't make the cut for this first beta. We'll be adding these in during the coming weeks. These features include:The world map.The music system.Hint arrows and breadcrumb trails.A few of the newer in-game cutscenes.Quick chatWith that in mind, all that remains is to log in and give it a go!While you're playing, please report any bugs you encounter, and give us any other feedback you have on the forums. This is your chance to tell us what you think and how you'd like us to improve on a core component of RuneScape 3! We're particularly interested in the following:How does the world look?

Explore Gielinor, taking advantage of the increased draw distances to take in the view.How do the graphical settings affect your experience? Try the various settings available for reflections, bloom, draw distance and shadows. Find out what works best on your hardware, and let us know so we can optimise the client accordingly.We hope you enjoy trying out these new features before launch, and we can't wait to see what you think. Log in now, and help us to make the RuneScape that you want to see!Have you done the downloading? If you have not, please have a try right now. You will see many funs from it. Making more runescape gold is not only dream at all!



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