Being Too Independent

Published by: rayqwqw on 27th May 2015 | View all blogs by rayqwqw

The greatest difference between college and university is in the amount of contact hours. In university, students complain about too many materials for independent studying. They do not own enough time with their tutors, do not participate in debates and quizzes. In fact, scholars miss practical skills and have to write more academic papers. Often, it becomes tough to find appropriate materials and reliable sources of information for the assignment.  That is why, when one student says to others “Here I have found impressive essays for sale!” there is no reason to distrust him. Especially, if one is a permanent user of online services. It solves the problem with tough tasks when student is alone and cannot ask professor for help.

Teachers also maintain that many students choose their own way of learning and get incorrect knowledge. More reflection in learning is needed. The best way to do that is testing, which helps to find out who got the false destination and to correct it. Therefore, intermediate control is also required. Students are used to complete tasks just before deadline, but such practice influences the quality much. Professors should check the process of academic works on each stage and help students more.



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