Aug 11th

For those who want to order the diaphragm stress gauges, the ordering instructions under you ought to have a look

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1, when ordering please specify the model number, the name of the measurement range measuring medium operating temperature, connection kind and size, accuracy class. 2, for those who have specific needs, please specify when ordering for extra. three, diaphragm stress gauges shall not get rid of or alter the configuration in the instrument, so as to avoid filling liquid leakage impacts efficiency. 4, and ordering zhiqian, in accordance with was measuring media of characteristics, as corrosion sex, and quick solidified, and effortless Crystal, corrosion sex was measuring media to in accordance with qualities selection stainless steel stress table or used diverse resistance corrosion sex material isolation diaphragm of diaphragm pressure table, higher temperature atmosphere Xia will applying high temperature melt body diaphragm pressure table, basic media as (water, and on copper or copper alloy no corrosion sex gas), is accessible general pressure table. Vibration proof diaphragm pressure gauge Vibration proof diaphragm pressure gauge
Pressure gauge maintenance and upkeep A level, pressure gauge, running to three months maintenance, its contents and specifications are as follows: 1, check the t-cock plus the water pipe joints to get rid of leak. two, can verify the pressure gauge back to zero. 3, verify and flush water pipe, making sure the smooth flow. A single year just after the second run, pressure gauges to conduct a second-stage maintenance, its contents and needs are as follows: 1, take away stress gauge, send measuring departments verify and seal. two verify water pipe, removable, screw bolt shall be in fantastic condition. three, teardown check t-cock, lapping the sealing surface, making sure tight no leakage, its connection thread must be intact.
Standard diaphragm pressure gauge
Standard diaphragm pressure gauge 4, water pipe, t-cock blasting, brushing paint. Third, the stress gauge when making use of the replace When stress gauge finds us in the running and must be replaced immediately. Comply with these steps: 1, replace the pressure gauge has to be by means of calibration of measuring Department qualified have seal, verifies the validity on the pressure gauge or possibly a new table factory certificate. two prior to, altering tables, you should set the location of stress gauge t-cock from spin to rinse, rinse water siphon the dirt. three, t-cock screw to make the water pipe water place, applying a wrench take away the old table and put on new pressure gauges. four, t-cock screw to standard functioning position, makes a brand new table and put into operation. Flange type diaphragm pressure gauge Flange type diaphragm pressure gauge