Sep 9th

The RuneScape Lobby brings together useful features

By abigailjim
The RuneScape Lobby brings together a number of useful features before you get into the game proper. The lobby has five sections accessed via the tabs at the top of the screen:Player info - shows where and when you last logged in, status of email registration, recovery question status, how many RS Gold from Jagex are in your Message Centre, how much credit you have left, and the message of the week.World select - this shows a list of all available worlds. This is more fully explained in Themed Worlds.Friends chat - shows your Friends List and Ignore List, and lets you chat to your friends before you log in. This is more fully explained in Friends Chat.Clan Chat - lets you log into a Clan Chat channel before heading into the game.

This is more fully explained in Clan Chat.Options - these are the display options, letting you set your display mode, screen size, and graphics and audio settings. This is more fully explained in Display Options.All tabs have the 'Click here to play' button and your favourite worlds for instant access. The Friends Chat and Clan Chat tabs both have the Report Abuse button, should you need it.When you log out of the game, you can choose to come back to the lobby, so will not need to re-enter your password when you click to play again. To fully log out of the game, click on the 'x' next to the lobby's Options tab.If you have logged into the game for the first time, you will be presented with an interface to create your character, as shown on the left:The interface presents a wide variety of outfit options for your character.

 Choose an outfit and it will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the interface; you can then 'Modify Further' to change character details like skin colour, hair, torso, legs, boots and facial hair. Later, you may pay some characters in-game to change your look. See the Makeover Guide to read about changing your look in-game.Once you have finished, you should click the 'Confirm' button. This will take you to an interface where you can choose the character name for your character: the name that all other players will see when you log into the game. Once you have a name that has not been taken by any other player, you can launch your character into the opening quest, Unstable Foundations, where some friendly and not-so-friendly citizens of RuneScape await you.After finished all above steps, you can start making Runescape Gold on your account, like you can choose to level woodcutting or Mining, which are easy to make gold on your account any way.

Sep 6th

How To make hunting charm sprites generally

By abigailjim

It now only takes five charm slices to make a charm, rather than the original ten. The Hunter XP gained is increased too: it's now competitive with other Hunter training methods at that level, and earns you plenty of Summoning charms at the same time.We've also introduced mystical charm slices, which - if you're lucky - can drop in addition to the coloured charm slices you get RS Gold. These can be used in place of any coloured charm slice, so they're handy if you need a certain type to complete a charm.

To make hunting charm sprites generally friendlier, we've also made some usability tweaks: all the trees in the area are gone, so the shaking bushes containing the sprites are much easier to see; you can now store your Yaktwee stick, spirit lure and charm slices with Yaktwee himself; and your lures are more clearly visible.Finally, catch 1,000 charm sprites and speak to Yaktwee and you can upgrade your Yaktwee stick to confer Hunter-related benefits while wielded:+5% Hunter XP gain in any Hunter training activity (as long it allows you to wield the stick). This stacks with other such effects.An increased chance to uncover the rarer sprites while hunting charm sprites.Whether you've yet to discover charm sprites or want to revisit it to enjoy the added benefits, head on over to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

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Aug 13th

The game has been given quite the sonic upgrade

By abigailjim
The result is richer graphics, more cinematic sound and new gameplay possibilities combining to make RS Gold a more immersive experience than browser-based adventurers are accustomed to.While RuneScape 3 is a far cry from a current-generation console title, or even the likes of World of Warcraft in the visual stakes, it looks clean and polished and runs like clockwork. The game has been given quite the sonic upgrade too, with the midi files of old jettisoned in favour of orchestra scores, live musicians and professional voice actors.

Perhaps the most significant new feature on the gameplay front is the introduction of a more customisable user interface that gives players absolute control over which tabs, boxes and menus are displayed onscreen.User can shape their layout according to their personal preferences, and will even be able to share their setups with other players. This considerable update comes with an epic storyline in tow, which takes place at the dawn of the Sixth Age of Gielinor.

 Gothix, the God of Balance, has perished leaving the other deities to assert their dominance on a world in disarray.It's a story of change, and the game's user base is at the forefront of the revolution, deciding which gods succeed and fail through battles and world events.The users are now essentially the architects of Gielinor, and will shape the overworld and steer Runescape 3's overarching narrative as they play.Anyways, you will feel very different when you play runescape 3 and I am sure you will like it. Do not forget to buy some runescape gold if you want to exchange good armors and items.

Aug 12th

How do the graphical settings affect experience

By abigailjim

Your frames per second and general client performance may well be lower than with current live client. This will improve as the beta goes on, as our technical teams focus on optimising the client and getting it ready for RS Gold. As the beta progresses, you'll enjoy faster load times and smoother performance, so please bear with us. Thanks for your help in getting this exciting new technology ready for everyone!To help everyone get up and running first time, we've defaulted everyone's graphical options to the minimal settings, which will make things look similar to the current live client.

If you find the HTML5 client is performing well, we encourage you to increase your settings in the options menu.Please note that certain existing features didn't make the cut for this first beta. We'll be adding these in during the coming weeks. These features include:The world map.The music system.Hint arrows and breadcrumb trails.A few of the newer in-game cutscenes.Quick chatWith that in mind, all that remains is to log in and give it a go!While you're playing, please report any bugs you encounter, and give us any other feedback you have on the forums. This is your chance to tell us what you think and how you'd like us to improve on a core component of RuneScape 3! We're particularly interested in the following:How does the world look?

Explore Gielinor, taking advantage of the increased draw distances to take in the view.How do the graphical settings affect your experience? Try the various settings available for reflections, bloom, draw distance and shadows. Find out what works best on your hardware, and let us know so we can optimise the client accordingly.We hope you enjoy trying out these new features before launch, and we can't wait to see what you think. Log in now, and help us to make the RuneScape that you want to see!Have you done the downloading? If you have not, please have a try right now. You will see many funs from it. Making more runescape gold is not only dream at all!

Aug 10th

What kind of clan you want to have

By abigailjim
Do note, however, that if you die in the Wilderness now you will not have a gravestone to return to and your items will be up for grabs by anybody that happens to be around at the time, but they are usually random players or the person that PKed you. Consider your type of armour carefully, as some creatures in the Wilderness can use negative magic bonuses to give you high damage as a result of metal armour.When you died in game, when you need something for runescape,especially for RS Gold, we are providing best one now, you can buy cheap runescape gold from us right now. Go ahead!

If you don't see a clan you're interested in or you fancy the thought of being a leader, you can start your own Runescape clan. So how to make a good clan on Runescape.First of all, to make a good clan (pure) you would need a good combat level. For a pure you combat level should be level 55 to 80. No one would want to join if you're a low level; Then make sure you have at least 11,00000 GP.

It's important to be financially safe so make sure you have a surplus of money; Think about what kind of clan you want to have and the requirements. For example say you want to have a mage only clan. Your requirements might be to have at least level 60 combat and at least level 94 mage or something like that. Of course only mages can join though; Recruit members.

Aug 9th

Who play the Runscape frequently

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Aug 8th

Runescape 2007 power leveling is also necessary

By abigailjim

We've also added new main-hand and off-hand weapons for mages, as well as magic and ranged-class shields. Finally, we've added in main-hand and off-hand throwing knives, and rendered a selection of creatures vulnerable to thrown weapons.With the improvements made recently, dual wielding is now on par with RS Gold when it comes to dishing out pain. Mages won't miss out either, as the new main-hand and off-hand mage weapons open up all-new options for wreaking magical havoc with devious dual-wielding spell combinations.

The off-hand weapons, throwing knives and mage gear drop from a variety of Daemonheim bosses, and can be crafted or smithed by members with the skill to do so.Charming Imp (members only)100,000 Dungeoneering tokens will now buy you a charming imp: a friendly little fellow with an almost unhealthy love of summoning charms.While sitting in your inventory, the imp will automatically pick up any summoning charms dropped by enemies that you kill, saving you valuable time on prolonged combat or Slayer training trips and ensuring that your supply of charms remains well stocked.

He is also capable of sorting collected charms for you: speak to him with a right click, and for each type of charm you'll be able to decide whether he deposits it in your inventory, or keeps it for himself in exchange for a small amount of Summoning XP per charm. This can be changed at any time by talking to the charming imp again.Not only do 2013 leveling is necessary, now Runescape 2007 power leveling is also necessary,even Runescape 3 will do.

Aug 7th

Why Runescape is so successful

By abigailjim

Will we see many changes in the combat?Mark: We released a brand new combat system last year and have been working with our players to polish it ever since. It’s far more exciting and engaging than old school though it caused a big demand for RS Gold, rewarding players for tactical decisions and intelligent use of equipment as well as being really fun! RuneScape doesn’t limit players to only ever adopt one combat style, so you can find yourself switching between brutal 2 handed swords, magical staffs, duel wielding crossbows, tower shields, even summon mighty creatures to do your bidding.

How did you design different spells?Mark: We need to think about their cost to castand the amount of damage they do to opponents. 'Mages in RuneScape don’t only deal with big fireballs and lightning bolts in combat though, we have spells for all sorts of things, including baking pies, enchanting magical jewellery and even turning bones into bananas. These spells are often themed to different sorts of spell books too.Why Runescape is so successful?

Mark: It’s because RuneScape is special! It’s always been easy to jump in: it’s free to get started and runs from your web browser and doesn’t the need any download. The gameplay is also different from most other online RPGs – RuneScape is about freedom to do your own thing without restrictions; you can be any type of character you want, you can explore a whole world, you can choose from a wide variety of gameplay from crafting to fighting, from trading to questing – it’s all up to you.Well, there are still a lot of content about this interview, we will tell you more in in future.

Aug 6th

The best way to train Firemaking

By abigailjim
In Runescape, Firemaking is a consumer, artisan skill used to light several items, but most importantly logs. Lighting logs will create a fire on which you can cook your RS Gold. To light a fire you will need either a tinderbox, a Forge Regent familiar, a Pyrelord familiar, or having started barbarian training any strung bow.

You can buy a tinderbox from any general store. You can use it to light logs, lanterns, candles and more by using the tinderbox on them, or by using a method described above. Bows can be bought from ranging shops or player made using the fletching skill. You can burn a log by using the bow with it. The higher your firemaking level, the higher your chance to succeed.Buy rs gold.

The best way to train Firemaking is by burning logs. To get these you will need to cut trees and therefore firemaking is closely related to woodcutting. You can also obtain logs by purchasing them from the Grand Exchange, or by trading with other players. In the different sections in this guide you can find information on how to light each type of item and some information on the experience rewards.Runescape gold online sale.

Aug 5th

You can get gold coins and harpoon

By abigailjim
Here is a hint that can help you to get big 2007 runescape gold. Then you are a mage and your mining level is at 15. Then you go north west that you can see a castle. You can try to find a world without people in your oak range. You go up the ladder and head for the RS will meet some devils and black knights at level 8 and they will drop some good stuff like some chaos for 100gp 2007 RuneScape gold each.

Some of players' pal buy em for 200gp runescape gold each. It is also a good way to make money. You can kill the ice giants or lesser demons in Karajama island dungeon if you are at level 36 or above. If you want more help, you can find some players as your group and who will help you to fight enemy.You can also fish to get your high level and your loving 2007 RuneScape gold. Just make your fishing level up to 35 or above.

You can get gold coins and harpoon. In Karamja, you can fish some tuna. This kind of fish can bring you much 2007 runescape gold during your playing. You at that time will use this amount of gold to buy some powerful weapons and items. These will assist you to overcome some barriers when you pass some tasks. Keep doing this, you will become a millionaire.