Madden NFL 17 incorporates better than its predecessors

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This means most of the moments surfaced are on the user's offensive side of the ball. Players with a taste for defense may feel robbed, and they should, because Madden NFL 17 provides its most enjoyable game of defense ever, particularly for novices, thanks to better AI and some truly educational drills available in the weekly practices of the career mode.

For example, "gap assignment" — where a defender either breaks through the offensive line or protects a running lane opened within it — is one of those ESPN-analyst terms I pretend to understand.MUT 17 COINS But it's also a behavior that Madden NFL 17 incorporates better than its predecessors, and then shows its homework in the practice drills to the benefit of offense and defense alike. Controlling an edge defender whose team was trying to stop a run, or taking the guy whose job was to shut off a cutback, I felt like I was working more purposefully than just slamming full-speed into the offensive line and trying to kill anyone on the other side of it. On offense, seeing linebackers play according to type, instead of both playing a running lane and then tracking the runner as I flee for the outside, helped me understand who was really involved in the play instead of just feeling swarmed.

Passing, which got plenty of attention last year thanks to new receiving controls, is largely the same experience, but I did notice plenty more drops and balls knocked free, seemingly in compensation for the overpowered "aggressive catch" button introduced in Madden NFL 16. Still,Madden 17 Coins it too is helped by the ball-carrying upgrades, meaning a stiff arm at the end of a big catch and run not only feels great in the extra yardage gained, it looks awesome as receiver and defensive back tumble out of bounds together.

In special teams, there's a ton of new trick plays, and jumping the snap on a block attempt helps make that a more reasonable possibility. The most important thing, however, is the ability to put backspin on a punt to deaden the ball. Without this choice, players were aiming for the sidelines and hoping for the best; punting now feels more productive even while giving over possession. There is, once again, a new kicking meter, but the three-button press makes longer field goals more missable.

Madden NFL 17 also helps out runners with some wonderful on-field visual cues to perform a move, or even making them contextual altogether and letting a lesser-skilled user focus on steering the runner. The moves are also more useful, the stiff arm and spins in particular.Buy Cheap Mut Coins These are available by default at lower global difficulty (Rookie or Pro) and not at All-Pro (the difficulty of a ranked online match) or higher. Assists and overall difficulty settings can be mixed and matched, though the game doesn't make it obvious. New or lapsed players might want to go through the options to tweak assists to their taste — it's fun to meet a challenge like All-Pro with a thumb on the scale only where needed, instead of dumbing down the entire game or going through the trial and error of gameplay sliders.

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