The characteristics of rubber plug material, experimental operation and aging

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The rubber plug is usually a sealing device utilised in chemical experiment, created of rubber, also known as rubber plug. No chemical instrument grinding mouth can frequently be sealed using a rubber stopper. The rubber plug of distinctive size specifications, 1 minimum, the greater the number, the greater the volume. The rubber plug could be through the usage of punch punch, and inserted into a glass tube forming connection shock piston producing machine equipment, gas seal inside the container might be derived. The rubber plug in alkali, reagent bottle with lye, should be sealed having a rubber plug, completely can not use glass stopper.

Rubber plug


The experimental operation is frequently applied in the punch to punch rubber plug. Finish punch a deal with, the other finish is a group of distinctive diameter metal sharp tube, the middle there's a bar of Rubber plug. When punching, select a ratio should be inserted into the rubber plug of the glass tube slightly rough punch point, first head to plug, place on a steady surface, left hand hold the plug, appropriate hand on the manage of the puncher, the chosen place, vertical along a direction to rotate to drill. When punching punch metal tube to dip some water or soapy water as a lubricant. If the rubber plug is thick, drill to half, rotate in the opposite direction to pull out the punch, the plug is reversed, the original hole punch alignment direction, till get via to. Lastly, with iron bars to punch within the rubber poke out.

The rubber product according to environmental situations, with all the lapse of time, result in cracking or hardening, rubber physical properties degradation phenomenon, known because the aging phenomenon. The explanation caused by aging, the Custom teflon parts external variables and internal aspects:

1 external components: the external things of Tension pulley, oxide, ozone, heat, light, radiation, mechanical fatigue, lack of machining course of action.

The two internal elements: a rubber sorts, internal factors shaping technique, bonding aspect degree, with drug kinds, processing in engineering etc..

To prevent the aging phenomenon, focusing on the glue for choice and appropriate formulations, plus rigorous production concept. So it could stainless steel du bushing boost the service life of rubber manufactured goods, and give full play to the unique functions should really be.
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